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If you are having any difficulties using the website, click on the Help icon that is displayed in the top right of every page you visit. Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions as well as the ability to get in touch with someone from the Elevate Me team directly.

Here a few of the most asked questions.

  • What is a Progress Tracker?

    On the final floor of a building you will find a progress tracker. The progress tracker is a simple checklist of things you should ideally do or think about in order to be successful in that particular area. You will find lots of downloadable content here to help you on your way. Make sure to work through the checklist in order.

  • Is there a special order to go round my city in?

    Once you have created your city it is completely up to you how you use it. If you know exactly what you need help or advice with then head straight to that building. If not then don’t worry, you wont miss out on anything.

     However if you really don’t know where to begin here are some tips.

    For help finding a job a route through the Careers Advice Hall, CV Factory, WorkSearch Stadium and Interview Stage could be helpful.

     For help with education a route through the Learning Bank, Motivation Turbine and Money and Benefits building could be helpful.

  • How do I get more help?

    If you find that your are really struggling with your city or anything on the Elevate Me site then you can get in contact with us directly. To do this simply click on the Help icon in the top right of any page and fill in the ‘Need more answers?’ box. Someone from the Elevate Me team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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