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Which drugs are illegal and what harm do they cause?

Illegal drugs are categorised into three classes:

Class A drugs include cocaine, heroin, LSD and ecstasy.

Class B drugs include amphetamine, cannabis and codeine

Class C drugs include ketamine and anabolic steroids.

Examples of other drugs that are commonly misused include alcohol, tobacco, prescribed medicines including painkillers, sleeping tablets, and cold remedies, glues, aerosols, gases and solvents.


If you think you have a problem, or know somebody that does, you are not alone. 


In West Berkshire, there are lots of really helpful agencies, which are fully confidential and can help.  They can offer you the motivation to change your life, but the first step is clicking on the links below, contacting them, and beginning the journey.

  • Frank

    Drugs RANK provides the following services for people who seek information and/or advice about drugs:  website, a confidential telephone number, available 24 hours a day, Email and a service to locate counselling and treatment.
  • Juice

    Juice offers free, confidential health advice and support from qualified nurses and youth workers to anyone under 19. Find out more about safe sex, friendships, smoking, drugs, body image, stress, alcohol, bullying, and relationships.

    Visit Juice

  • The Edge

    Responding to substance misusers in West Berkshire Offers a confidential service to young people with drug and alcohol concerns.

    Visit The Edge

  • Turning Point and T2

    Provides services for people affected by drug and alcohol misuse, and mental health drugs, and contact details to talk to someone in confidence.

    Visit Turning Point and T2

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