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Why are these skills so important?

pen.gifAll employers will expect you to have some English and Maths skills so improving your skills in these areas will help you get ahead in your job, or even get a new job! It’s also important to remember that technology is getting more and more important in our modern world and being skilled at ICT is increasingly becoming something that employers will look for when they are hiring.

Employers will expect you to have at least Level 2 English and Maths: this level means that you should be able to read, write, and do some sums. Most courses up to Level 2 are government funded.

calculator.gifNew directions If you want to improve your skills in Maths and English then there are loads of classes available at New Directions where you can develop your skills in a friendly and comfortable classroom. Improving your English and Maths can open up a whole world of new opportunities to you, and at New Directions the teachers offer praise and encouragement to support your progress.


‘Most employers look for Level 2 in English and Maths. This level of ability also allows you to manage day to day life with reading, writing and calculations.’ 

‘Add this to your action plan if you haven’t achieved this yet. This may be something you can achieve quite quickly through a ‘fast track’ course or you may need to start from the beginning and attend courses for at least a year before sitting exams.’

‘You will need to complete an assessment with your choice of learning provider to decide what course you need to do before getting you into the right class.’

‘Most English and Maths courses up to Level 2 are funded by the government which means they are free to you if you don’t already have a level 2 qualification.’

  • Useful Links

    The BBC has some useful (and free) online resources

    Newbury college also provides classes in English, Maths and ICT. These courses are best for those who want to push their skills to a high level

    National Numeracy is a charity dedicated to improving mathematical skills

    Adviza also has a great number of resources available 

    Personal tutors is a network of English, Maths and ICT tutors

    Edexcel provides practice tests online

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