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Learning English as a Second Language...

globe.gif There are a variety of ways to learning English as a second language; from learning and improving your English through online resources, to taking an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course.

globe.gif Both Newbury College and Berkshire School of English offer teaching in English; Reading College offer specific ESOL courses.

globe.gif There are also some great online resources that you can use to help you learn English - whether that's to help you when you're out and about or specifically for work and employability:

  • provides free online ESOL lessons and is great for helping you improve or brush up your skills.

  • EGO 4 U

    EGO 4 Uhave free online learning resources to help you work on your English grammar, writing,  vocabularly, and even business English.

  • The British Council

    The British Council website has a variety of resources including games and videos to teach you about English language as well as English culture.

    For further information on British Citizenship and the requirements to become a British Citizen click on the following link.

  • BBC Learning English

    BBC Learning English is free to use and has resources for helping you to learn everyday English.

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