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Here are some national job boards where you can start your search:

  • MilkroundSchool Leavers:  A great resource for school and college leavers looking for jobs.
  • NGTU:  Not going to Uni???  So what are you looking for?
  • neuvoo 15 million worldwide jobs advertised (including local ones of course!)
  • PLOTR:  Explore careers, be inspired and take action!
  • Indeed: The UK's largest job 'metasite'. It displays job listings from numerous other job boards allowing you to access up to 70% of online job ads from one place.
  • Adviza: A localised job listing site for 13-19 year olds. As well as providing careers advice they can connect you to specific job opportunities.
  • Reed: A leading UK job site. They feature private and public sector employers as well as a range of career advice, news and information.
  • Universal Job Match: The government run job site. It has probably the best coverage of entry-level jobs and features many opportunities not listed elsewhere.

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