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Your first task should be thinking about yourself, so ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself. Once you have thought about all of these you will start to have an idea of where you might be happiest working.

  • What do I enjoy doing? 
  • What are my passions, interests and hobbies?
  • Do I like working with people?
  • Do I like working on my own?
  • Do I prefer working in a team?
  • Do I like working with animals?
  • Do I like spending time out of doors?
  • Do I want to work in an office?
  • Do I want to do shift work?
  • What do I find interesting?
  • What am I good at?
  • Do I have any specific skills?
  • Do I prefer working with my hands, doing practical things?
  • Am I creative?
  • Do I like working things out and solving problems?
  • Do I prefer working with numbers or words?
  • Do I have any work experience? 
  • What did my work experience show me about what I like/don’t like?
  • Am I good at giving other people advice?
  • Do I like helping other people?
  • Do I like having regular working hours?
  • I don’t mind when I work, even weekends
  • Am I good with technology?
You should also try using this Skills checker from the National Careers Service to show you that you may have more skills than you think.

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